Entrepreneurship Nevada (EN)

Entrepreneurship Nevada

The mission of Entrepreneurship Nevada is to develop entrepreneurial talent and foster entrepreneurial success.

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In pursuit of its mission, the OBJECTIVES of Entrepreneurship Nevada are to

  • Facilitate Cooperation and Coordinate existing efforts, not reinvent.
  • Identify gaps in existing efforts.
  • Design projects that will close identified gaps.
  • Create a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Construct an entrepreneurship ladder that anyone can get on and climb to success

The VISION of Entrepreneurship Nevada is a pipeline of well-equipped, well-supported entrepreneurs, generating vibrant and diversified economic development.

Entrepreneurship Nevada pursues its mission and objectives with the PHILOSOPHY:

  • Entrepreneurship is the key to economic development and diversification.
  • Entrepreneurship is novel business activity, turning innovative ideas into profits.
  • Do it. Don't just think about doing it or talk about doing it.
  • If many do a little, through effective organization, much can get done.

As an organization Entrepreneurship Nevada has adopted a PROJECT BASED APPROACH. A project is an effort to solve a specific problem or achieve a specific goal related to the mission of developing entrepreneurial talent or fostering entrepreneurial success. It closes a gap between what is and what can be. Projects may be proposed by anyone, but must be approved by the Entrepreneurship Nevada Board of Directors. Each project has one or more metrics by which success is measured, and a timeline specifies when project benchmarks hope to be achieved.

Entrepreneurship Nevada has also adopted a TEAM APPROACH. Each project is initiated by an initial team, project leader, and project secretary. The project secretary communicates progress on the project and specific needs, so those working on other projects can help move the project forward, if they perceive an opportunity to do so. A project team is always looking to expand the reach of Entrepreneurship Nevada by finding others who can fruitfully be added to the team.


Doug Erwin
Vice President - Entrepreneurial Development & Higher Education Liaison
(775) 829.3705 or erwin@edawn.org

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