RENO, Nev. (Mar. 23, 2017) – The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) and Cycle, a container hosting and web infrastructure startup company, announced today their headquarter relocation to downtown Reno. Cycle’s unified platform has everything necessary to deploy, manage, and monitor a company’s Docker containers on a powerful bare-metal infrastructure. The Cycle team chose Reno because they needed to be in a location where they can attract talent and employees want to live.  Moving to Reno received high marks from a business standpoint but it also stood out above other places the company considered because of its proximity to the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe,

“Moving to Reno has been great for the company. I can’t imagine being anywhere else,” said Jake Warner, Founder and CEO of Cycle. “Last summer when we first toured the area, we kept hearing different perspectives as to “why Reno” and what we found was most of those conversations revolved around how people here are extremely willing to help each other. After being here for five weeks, we definitely found that to be true and have been able to establish an incredibly valuable network in just a short amount of time.”

Containers have already changed the way developers think. With over a billion containers deployed last year, they have revolutionized the way micro services and applications are built. But, that’s only half the story. Cycle believes time spent deploying containers is time wasted. With the Cycle platform, it is easy for developers to import their containers and deploy them to different geographic regions with only a couple clicks. Beyond deployment, the platform provides the systems and infrastructure needed to fully isolate and secure all communications between containers without any additional effort from users.

Cycle currently has 5 employees and two open positions. By this time next year, they expect to double the size of their team and will be looking to fill roles in marketing, sales, operations and platform development.

“Reno continues to attract top-tier talent as it becomes a hub for startups and new technology, and I’m excited to welcome Cycle to Northern Nevada,” said Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve.

“We are thrilled about Cycle’s move to Reno.  Another technology company that reinforces our message that Reno-Sparks continues to develop as the new tech hub for startups,” said Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of EDAWN. “We are very excited that Cycle also decided to bring its company headquarters here and we look forward their involvement in the community and a part of the revitalization of downtown Reno.

Business partners involved in helping Cycle identify and establish its presence in Reno include Reno Engineering Development, Vince and Britton Griffith; the Reno Collective, Colin Loretz; and Ozmen Ventures, Kerem Ozmen.


About Cycle
Cycle is a Container as a Service Platform (CaaS) that was launched in September 2016. The Cycle platform integrates all the features clients need to deploy, manage, and monitor their containers in one unified platform. Cycle is a Petrichor, Inc. company.

What are containers? Developers can package code/applications and the dependencies required to run those applications, into a single portable format called a ‘container image’. That container image can then be deployed and scaled to a vast majority of different cloud hosting providers and executed in a restricted/secure namespace known as a container.

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The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada is a private/ public partnership established in 1983 committed to adding quality jobs to the region by recruiting new companies, supporting the success of existing companies, and assisting newly forming companies, to diversify the economy and have a positive impact on the quality of life in Greater Reno-Sparks.

Norma Yamaji, Program Manager, Business Development & Media Relations