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Name County Address City Zip NAICS Sector Description
1-800 Flowers Storey 2777 USA PARKWAY STE # 108 MCCARRAN 89434 89434 E-Commerce Fulfillment Distribution of flowers, plants & gifts
4506 TRANSCRIPTS Washoe 5365 MAE ANN AVE. RENO 89523 54121 Other Provide banks, lenders, brokers and law firms access to their clients information and provide integrated processing for social security forms.
A D HAWK INC. Washoe 3515 AIRWAY DR. SUITE #206 RENO 89511 333249 Manufacturing Manufacturer of premium precision machine parts.
AAMP OF AMERICA INC. Washoe 605 GLENDALE AVE. SPARKS 89431 334614 Logistics and Distribution Wholesale Distributor of mobile and audio electronics.
ABARIS TRAINING INC. Washoe 5401 LONGLEY LN. SUITE #49 RENO 89511 611430 Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Provide repair, engineering and training services for carbon composites world wide.
ABF FREIGHT SYSTEM INC. Storey 12155 TRUCKEE CANYON COURT MCCARRAN 89434 484230 Logistics and Distribution Freight carrier in US, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico focuses on LTL shipments
ACCESS EVENT SOLUTIONS Washoe 1410 GREG ST. SUITE #412 SPARKS 89431 541430 Manufacturing Producers of backstage passes and security products for the concert touring industry and many professional sports teams.
ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGIES INC. Washoe 345 CONEY ISLAND DR SPARKS 89431 335991 Manufacturing Manufacture hardware out of fiber reinforced materials for aircraft, satellite and submarines. FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) to help commercial aircraft structures through FAA certification with the ability to approve documents, design, and construction, drones and space structures.  
ADVANCED MATERIALS AND DEVICES Washoe 4750 LONGLEY LN #104 RENO 89502 541380 Other Research and development and ISO17025 certified company providing shock and vibration testing for military suppliers and OEM’s.
ADVANCED MICROWAVE PRODUCTS Washoe 2465 OLD HWY 40 W STE#200 VERDI 89439 334220 Manufacturing Carbon fiber hardware manufacturers for aircraft, satellite and submarines. Engineering Representative (DER) to approve documents, design, and construction for FAA certification. 
ADVANCED PRECISION INC. Washoe 4865 JOULE ST STE C-2 RENO 89502 332710 Manufacturing Precision machining for aerospace, medical, biotechnology, military, competitive motorsports and private
ADVANCED REFINING CONCEPTS Washoe ONE EAST FIRST ST., STE. 1600 RENO 89501 424720 Clean Energy Manufacturer of diesel and other premium fuel products
ADVANCED SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS Washoe 1750 PURINA WY SPARKS 89434 493110 Logistics and Distribution An independent landstar agent which provides customized transportation solutions and supply chain logistics.
AERION SUPERSONIC LLC Washoe 5190 NEIL RD STE #500 RENO 89502 336411 Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Engineer and design of super sonic business jet.
AERO SPEC Washoe 1335 ALEXANDRIA CT RENO 89502 Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Non-destructive testing for the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas industries
AGRU AMERICA Washoe 2000 E. NEWLANDS DR FERNLEY 89408 Manufacturing Leading manufacturer of flat die extrusion liners and fittings.
AGS Washoe 5520 Kietzke Lane Ste 100 RENO 89511 Gaming Gaming machine manufacturer.
AGTRON INCORPORATED Washoe 9395 DOUBLE R BLVD. RENO 89512 334516 Manufacturing Manufactures analytical equipment for food industry.
AIMS POWER Washoe 9736 S. VIRGINIA ST. SUITE A RENO 89511 423610 Logistics and Distribution Distribution of power inverters, chargers, switches and other green energy products.
ALASKA UAV Washoe 385 FREEPORT BLVD.#17 SPARKS 89431 336411 Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Designer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial imaging vehicles.
ALCHEMY Washoe 575 DOUBLE EAGLE CT. RENO 89521 541512 Technology Ecosystem Market a software platform used with Workday systems to improve clients’ processes and administration, with a focus on the education market
ALEXIS POWER SYSTEMS Washoe 5470 LOUIE LANE #104 RENO 89511 423610 Manufacturing Manufacturing batteries for telecom industry -green product.
ALICE HEIMAN, LLC Washoe 1385 HASKELL ST RENO 89509 Other Business to business sales, training, coaching,process, strategy and keynotes.
ALL TRADE TOOLS Washoe 9250 RED ROCK RD STE #B RENO 89508 422130 Logistics and Distribution Global Leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of tools and shop equipment.
ALORICA Washoe 1315 FINANCIAL BLVD RENO 89502 561422 Back Office, Business Support Providers of business process outsourcing including customer experience & supply chain management and business solutions.
AM2T Washoe 550 BELLA OAKS CT SPARKS 89441 213112 Manufacturing Manufactures high performance material to be used in mining, oil, and military.
AMAZON Washoe 8000 N. VIRGINIA ST RENO 89506 423990 E-Commerce Fulfillment On line provider of products for consumers, sellers, enterprises and content providers
AMERICAN ASSAY LABORATORIES Washoe 1500 GLENDALE AVENUE SPARKS 89431 541380 Mining Large Independent mineral assay laboratory.
AMERICAN DUCHESS Washoe 2510 BEAUMONT PKWY RENO 89523 316210 E-Commerce Fulfillment Designer and manufacturer of historical footwear.
AMERICAN DUNNAGE Washoe 445 CONEY ISLAND DR SPARKS Manufacturing Manufacture and distribute dunnage airbags and transportation safety equipment.
AMERISOURCE BERGEN/ ICS Washoe 5360 CAPITAL COURT RENO 89502 424210 Logistics and Distribution Distribute specialty drugs and pharmaceuticals.
AMES TRUE TEMPER Washoe 3450 AIRWAY DRIVE SUITE #400 RENO 89511 444220 Logistics and Distribution Distributor of lawn and garden tools for homeowners and agricultural users.
AMPLIFY RELATIONS Washoe 675 W. MOANA LN STE 201 RENO 89509 Other Integrated Omni Channel advertising agency.
ANIXTER Washoe 990 NORTH HILLS BLVD. RENO 89506 423690 Logistics and Distribution Distributor of communications products and electrical wire and cable.
ANSELL HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS Washoe 2301 ROBB DR. RENO 89523 326199 Logistics and Distribution Provider of personal protection, safety and wellness products.
ANTHEM BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD Washoe 5250 S. VIRGINIA AVE. RENO 89502 524114 Back Office, Business Support Provider of guaranteed health coverage.
APPLIED SOIL COMPANY Washoe 56 CONEY ISLAND DR. SPARKS 89431 541380 Other Provides engineering solutions to the mining, landfill, agricultural, energy and related industries.
APROPOS INTERNATIONAL Washoe 321 E. 5TH ST. RENO 311920 Logistics and Distribution Coffee Roaster and distributors.
AQUA METALS Storey 2500 PERU DR MCCARRAN 89434 Other Refinery which uses proprietary electrochemical technology to reprocess lead batteries.
ARCONIC FASTENING SYSTEMS AND RINGS Washoe 1 ERIC CIRCLE  VERDI 89439 331420 Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Provider of Seamless, Rolled Rings, Closed Die Forgings, Open Die Forgings, Extruded Forgings and Specialty Metals to primarily the Aerospace market.
ARISTOCRAT Washoe 5390 KIETZKE LN STE. 104 RENO Gaming Software development for entertainment and gaming industry.
ARROW ELECTRONICS INC. Washoe 665 MAESTRO DR. RENO 89511 423690 Logistics and Distribution Global provider of products and services to industrial & commercial users of electronic components.
ARVATO Washoe RENO Technology Ecosystem International service provider that designs and implements solutions for a wide variety of business processes.
ATHLETIC TRAINING EQUIPMENT CO. (ATEC) Washoe 655 Spice Island Dr. SPARKS 89431 339920 Manufacturing Manufactures baseball player development tools
ATLANTIC AVIATION Washoe 655 S. ROCK BLVD RENO 89502 488190 Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Fixed base operator providing fuel, maintenance, storage and other service to the aviation industry.
ATLAS MOLDED PRODUCTS Washoe 13695 MT. ANDERSON ST RENO 89506 326140 Manufacturing Manufacture polystyrene for construction, geo technical, packaging and industrial applications.
AUECC Storey 1400 WALTHAM WAY MCCARRAN 89434 Manufacturing Manufacturer of ultrapure chemicals for the semiconductor, memory flat panel display and solar cell PV markets.
AVA LOGISTICS Washoe 5442 LONGLEY LN RENO 89509 561614 Logistics and Distribution Provides over the road and over the rail freight transportation management.
AYURVEDIC HERBAL Washoe P O BOX 1108 SPARKS 89432 E-Commerce Fulfillment Develop and market herbal formulations for health and beauty.
AZZ GALVANIZING Storey 1500 MILAN DR MCCARRAN 89434 332812 Manufacturing Hot dip galvanizing for corrosion protection of steel products.
B I NUTRACEUTICALS Storey 625 WALTHAM WAY STE 101 MCCARRAN 89434 325411 Manufacturing Largest supplier of botanical ingredients in the U.S. for use in supplements, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care and pet products.
B YOUR BEST Washoe 742 SPICE ISLANDS DR SPARKS 89431 424910 Logistics and Distribution Sales and Distribution of supplement to improve overall joint health
BARNES & NOBLE PURCHASING INC. Washoe 12660 OLD VIRGINIA ROAD RENO 89511 454111 Logistics and Distribution Distributor of books, e-books, magazines, toys, and games, music, DVD’s, and related products and services.
BEAVERFIT USA Washoe 120 Woodland Ave, Suite D RENO 89523 339920 Manufacturing Manufacture fitness training equipment and training props for military and other applications.
BELIMO AMERICA Washoe 1048 Fortunato Loop SPARKS 89436 Logistics and Distribution Assemble and Distribute actuators and valves for use in the HVAC market.
BENCO DENTAL SUPPLY Storey 625 WALTHAM WAY, STE 107 MCCARRAN 89434 621210 Logistics and Distribution Distributor of Dental Equipment and supplies.
BENDER GROUP Washoe 945 PARR CIRCLE RENO 89512 541614 Logistics and Distribution Third party logistics.
BENNETT MEDICAL SERVICES Washoe 2600 MILL ST #600 RENO 89502 532291 Health, Medical Provider of durable medical supplies such as oxygen, etc.
BENSON POLYMERIC Washoe 9475 DOUBLE R BLVD RENO 89521 Manufacturing Manufactures analysis tubes (columns) used to analyze carbohydrate and organic acids in fluids for the beverage and fuel industries.
BERGDAHL ASSOCIATES, INC. Washoe 2990 SUTRO ST. RENO 89512 423840 Logistics and Distribution Distributor of aerospace adhesives, sealants, dispensing apparatus and cleaning systems.
BETTER WORLD BOOKS Washoe 14525 INDUSTRY CIRCLE STE 100 RENO 89506 454111 Logistics and Distribution Online bookstore with over 8 million titles.
BI NUTRACEUTICALS Storey 625 WALTHAM WY MCCARRAN 89437 Manufacturing Largest supplier of botanical ingredients in the U.S. for use in supplements, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care and pet products.
BIG ROCK SPORTS Washoe 9085 MOYA BLVD RENO 89506 423910 Logistics and Distribution Distributor of sporting equipment for shooting, fishing, and taxidermy.
BIGCERAMICSTORE.COM Washoe 543 VISTA BLVD. SPARKS 89511 454111 E-Commerce Fulfillment Online distributor of ceramic supplies.
BIZ CHAIR (BELNICK INCORPORATED) Washoe 6650 ECHO AVE. SUITE A RENO 89506 423420 E-Commerce Fulfillment Online Business retailer of business chairs, focusing on party planners.
BLACKHAWK MOLDING CO., INC. Washoe 990 DEMING WAY SPARKS 89431 326199 Manufacturing Plastic injection manufacturer of bottle caps for milk jugs and 5 gallon water containers & distribution of equipment, molds and support services.
BLACKHAWK NETWORK Washoe 10615 PROFESSIONAL CIRCLE RENO 89521 522320 Call Center Back office support for gift cards.
BLACKRIDGE TECHNOLOGY Washoe 5390 Kietzke Lane Ste 104 RENO 89511 518210 Technology Ecosystem Provides next generation network security products and support.
BLAST DEFLECTORS INC. Washoe 8620 TECHNOLOGY WAY RENO 89521 Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Offer a full line blast deflectors for all types of aircraft and ground run-up solutions.
BLOCH Washoe 1170 TRADEMARK DR. SUITE #112 RENO 89521 Logistics and Distribution Wholesaler and distributor of athletic footwear, sportswear and dancewear.
BLOCKCHAINS, LLC Storey 610 WALTHAM WAY MCCARRAN 89437 Blockchains develops and cultivates concepts, partnerships and businesses powered by blockchain technology
BOMBORA Washoe 100 N ARLINGTON STE. 100 RENO 89501 Technology Ecosystem Provider of demographic and intent data for business to business marketers.
BOWEN TRANSPORTATION Washoe 585 DAPAOLI ST. RENO 89512 484121 Logistics and Distribution Provider of freight shipping and trucking services.
BREADWARE, INC. Washoe 450 SINCLAIR, 3RD FLOOR RENO 89501 541511 Technology Ecosystem Hardware and Software services for those seeking to develop products in the Internet of Things (IOT).
BROOMSTICK Washoe 10399 DOUBLE R BLVD #106 RENO 89521 541219 Technology Ecosystem Help companies reconcile, optimize and save money on Microsoft licensing.
BUFFALO WIRE Washoe 1430 KLEPPE LANE SPARKS 89431 332618 Manufacturing Manufactured and fabricated wire products.
BURKHART DENTAL Washoe 1316 CAPITAL BL STE 104 BLDG A RENO 89502 423450 Logistics and Distribution Distribute dental supplies and equipment to dentists.
BURROWS PACKAGING Washoe 6650 ECHO AVE. SUITE D RENO 89506 322212 Manufacturing Manufacture and distribute fast food packaging.
BVA SYSTEMS Washoe 2225 E GREG ST. STE 101 SPARKS 89431 Manufacturing Manufacture sound mitigation components for HVAC systems.
C VIRTUAL Washoe 155 CADILLAC PL RENO 89509 Other Executive recruitment firm.
CAEK Washoe 100 N. ARLINGTON STE #200 RENO 89509 Technology Ecosystem Female founded software technology company providing a cloud based HIPPA compliance solution for health care providers.
CAIE FOODS Washoe 1802-A BRIERLY WAY #108 SPARKS 89434 424420 Manufacturing Manufactures the freshest, tastiest, and trendiest dim sum products for wholesale and retail
CALRAMIC Washoe 5462 LOUIE LANE RENO 89511 Manufacturing Manufacture high voltage ceramic capacitors.
CAM CONCEPT Washoe 2255 GLENDALE AVE STE 3 SPARKS 89431 Other Distribute hook lift systems for use by contractors public works departments and to transport motorcycles
CAROLINA ABSORBENT COTTON Washoe 4969 ENERGY WAY RENO 89502 313210 Manufacturing Vertically integrated cotton, rayon and polyester coil manufacturer  for medical, pharmaceutical, health, beauty, personal care applications. 
CASCADE DESIGNS Washoe 10990 LEAR BLVD RENO 89506 339920 Manufacturing Manufacture and distribute outdoor gear.
CASHMAN EQUIPMENT Washoe 600 GLENDALE AVE. SPARKS 89431 811310 Manufacturing Heavy equipment, sales, service, power, rental and fluids analysis.
CASS, INC Storey 2555 USA ParkwayBuilding 1. MCCARRAN 89434 Manufacturing Commerical, industrial and retail recycling of scrap metal products
CATALYTIC PURE AIR, LLC Washoe 1912 WATT ST. RENO 89509 335210 Logistics and Distribution Air purification units for casino, hotel, commercial and residential applications.
CAVIST MANUFACTURING Washoe 9290 PROTOTYPE DRIVE RENO 89521 326199 Manufacturing Contract manufacturing specializing in waterproofing of electronics via low pressure molding. Also sell the machines.
CES MACHINE Washoe 8880 DOUBLE DIAMOND PKWY RENO 89521 332710 Manufacturing Machine precision parts for aerospace, medical and energy industries.
CEVA FREIGHT, LLC Washoe 10855 LEAR BLVD. RENO 89506 541614 Logistics and Distribution Third party logistics and supply chain management.
CHARLES RIVER LABS Washoe 6995 LONGLEY LANE MS-A1 RENO 89511 424210 Other Global provider of essential research products and services that advance drug discovery and development(medical testing).
CHART INDUSTRIES Storey 1995 PERU DR. MCCARRAN 89434 332420 Manufacturing Manufacturer of cryogenic storage tanks with worldwide operation. At this facility they repair tanks. They have facilities in China, Czech Republic, Germany.
CHARTER BUSINESS Washoe 9335 PROTOTYPE DR. RENO 89521 51520 Technology Ecosystem Provide a full range of advanced broadband services and solutions.
CHESAPEAKE SPICE Washoe 8760 TECHNOLOGY WY RENO 311942 Manufacturing Create custom spice blends for industrial food providers.
CINTAS Washoe 250 VISTA BLVD #107 SPARKS 89435 Logistics and Distribution Designs and supplies corporate identity uniform programs and other products.
CIOX HEALTH Washoe 1450 VASSER ST RENO 89509 541512 Back Office, Business Support Medical record management and processing
CLAREBLEND INC. Washoe 3555 AIRWAY DR. SUITE 307 RENO 89511 335931 Manufacturing Manufacturers of professional electrology medical, skin care and electrolysis equipment. Also design and contract manufacture electronic devices.
CLEAR CAPITAL Washoe 300 E 2ND ST #1405 RENO 89509 531320 Back Office, Business Support Provide a broad spectrum of valuation solutions to the mortgage and lending industries.
CLICK-BIO Washoe 450 SINCLAIR RENO 423450 Other Consult, design, manufacture and market pre-clinical plastic ware.
COLINX Washoe 695 VISTA BLVD. #103 SPARKS 89434 493110 Logistics and Distribution Manufacturer owned logistics company.
COLORITE Washoe 901 E. GLENDALE AVE SPARKS 89431 326199 Manufacturing Manufacture and distribute medical plastics worldwide.
COMPUTERIZED SCREENING INC. Washoe 9550 GATEWAY DR. RENO 89521 339112 Manufacturing Design, manufacturer and distributor of medical health solutions and health system kiosks.
COMSTOCK TELCOM Washoe 5445 EQUITY AVE RENO 89502 517911 Logistics and Distribution Providers of telecom central office & transmission equipment to phone & internet companies 
CONAGRA/ ANGIE’S BOOM CHICKA POP Washoe 1025 SANDHILL RD. RENO Manufacturing Manufacture and distribute healthy popcorn, kettle corn and puffs. A ConAgra company.
CONCEPTION PROTO Washoe 1095 SPICE ISLAND DR STE# 107 SPARKS 89431 339999 Manufacturing 3D printer that manufactures prototypes, art and molding to bring new ideas to market faster, with less expense, using greener technology
CONSET Washoe 755 LILLARD DR. SUITE #101 SPARKS Logistics and Distribution Distributor of height adjustable desks.
COOPER B- LINE INC. Washoe 13755 STEAD BL. RENO 89506 332999 Manufacturing Manufacturer of data communication rack, cable trays, bolted framing products including a seismic line.