Welcome Entrepreneurs

To Reno Nevada

Northern Nevada is one of the fastest growing regions in the country with a booming culture of creativity and innovation. And we’ve never lost touch with our unapologetically gritty pioneering spirit. Whether you are local or planning on relocating here, work with the Entrepreneurial Development team at EDAWN to secure your place in our sought-after community.

Meet the Entrepreneurial Development Team

The Entrepreneurial Development Team at EDAWN helps local startups find the resources they need to start, run and grow a business. They also assist in relocation of existing startups to the greater Reno-Sparks community. There are plenty of new opportunities to be had. Get started today by reaching out to the ED Team to turn your dreams into a reality.

inline image Doug Erwin headshot

Doug Erwin

Senior Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development at EDAWN

“Before joining EDAWN, I co-founded six companies in different industries including eCommerce, software development, medical diagnostics, and consumer products manufacturing. I’ve experienced first-hand the highs and lows of building companies, managing investors and partners, and the challenges associated with balancing family, self, and career.” – Doug

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