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The Business Retention, Expansion, and Workforce (BREW) Team at EDAWN proudly serves over 600 Primary Companies in Northern Nevada. We support job growth and workforce development in the Reno-Sparks area and provide one-on-one personalized assistance to primary companies. We assist with business to business connections, critical issues, introductions to resources and programs, connections with education, and workforce development and training initiatives. We also recognize outstanding existing primary companies each year via our Existing Industry Awards.

Meet the BREW Team

The Business Retention, Expansion, and Workforce (BREW) Team at EDAWN helps local businesses find the resources they need to run and grow. They also assist in job growth and workforce development in Northern Nevada. There are plenty of opportunities to be had. Get started today by reaching out to the BREW Team.

Inline image showing Nancy McCormick at EDAWN

Nancy McCormick

Senior VP, Business Retention, Expansion & Workforce

“I connect area businesses to resources to help them stay and grow their presence in the region. My role is to help add jobs and grow the economy in the area and to support workforce development efforts in order to meet the needs of new and existing primary employers.” – Nancy

Inline image showing Veronica Chavez at EDAWN

Veronica Chavez

Director, Workforce Development

“I develop, coordinate, and manage the Workforce Development initiatives at EDAWN. Our focus is; retention, training, reskilling, making connections and employee attraction. We support hiring companies by making community connections, creating a strong and supported workforce pipeline and identifying industry resources for our region.” – Veronica

Kimberly Yaeger

Manager, Business Retention & Expansion & Workforce

“I assist and offer support and resources to existing businesses identified as primary companies. My ultimate goal is to assist these primary companies when they are looking to grow and add jobs. These efforts secure growth and improve the economic landscape of Northern Nevada.” – Kimberly

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