30 companies add over 2200 quality jobs

RENO, Nevada (December 15, 2020) – Despite over ten months of the pandemic this year, EDAWN has continued to work to attract quality companies to the region and is excited to announce that 30 companies relocated or expanded their workforce in Greater Reno-Sparks in 2020. These companies will add a combined 2,295 new jobs, at an average wage of $28, with eleven new corporate headquarters.

This kind of job growth is unique to the Reno-Sparks area during a pandemic year where most communities are experiencing significant employment challenges. What is especially rewarding is to see the continuation of efforts to diversify the economy with a real emphasis on advanced manufacturing and technology, which made up the bulk of these new and expanding companies.  It’s this mix of technology, manufacturing, health & medical, e-commerce, and distribution that are all critical to strengthening our economy and our future.

“On behalf of the entire EDAWN Team, I would like to welcome these new and expanding companies to our region,” said Mike Kazmierski, CEO of EDAWN.  “I want to also acknowledge all of our partners (what we like to call the EDAWN Team) for your support and assistance throughout the year.  I can tell you that this kind of cooperation from government, education and business does not happen in most places and it makes our job easier (even in these tough times) as economic developers because it truly gives us a competitive advantage.”

The companies would normally be recognized at EDAWN’s “New and Expanded Companies Welcome Reception,” but in light of the pandemic, the event was cancelled. Below are the companies, descriptions, job numbers, and location information:

AeroSafe Global

Delivers cold-chain services for the bio-pharma industry that result in zero temperature excursions for every client, every product, every time.

  • Jobs Created: 50
  • Located From: NY
  • New location: Sparks, NV
  • Relocation

Affinity Development Group

Specializes in developing affinity and Customer Relationship Management programs for clients with established brands and customer bases.

  • Jobs Created: 200
  • Located From: CA
  • New location: Reno, NV
  • Relocation