Entrepreneurial Development team core values:

  1. Entrepreneurs 1st
  2. Raise the Bar
  3. Make an Impact
  4. Cultural Stewardship
  5. Be of Service to Others

You’ll notice that all of the recipients recognized at the 2015 EDAWN Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Awards embody most, if not all, of these core values.

Angel Investor Advocate of the Year: Kathie Priebe
Raise the Bar

A young but flourishing startup community has taken hold in Northern Nevada. OverKathie Priebe the past few years Reno has seen a dramatic increase in startup activity and entrepreneurial support capabilities. Startup Row has emerged in the heart of the downtown Riverwalk District that is now home to over 30 startups, multiple coworking spaces and multitude of support services. The next crucial step is facilitating local deal flow and thanks to Kathie Priebe, Chair of the Reno Angels & a Sierra Angel member, we are starting to see that happen. Kathie has taken on a big initiative of invigorating our local angel groups and focusing on the opportunity that the startups have; and because of her the angel community has been a lot more activity in the last year.


Startup Community Leader of the Year – Kevin Lyons
Entrepreneurs 1st