RENO, Nevada (August 29, 2016) — The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) announced today that CAEK, Inc., a software company that provides regulatory compliance and information security solutions for the medical industry, has moved its company headquarters to Reno and plans to hire up to 150 new employees.

The female-founded company was drawn to Reno because of its strong sense of community and access to diverse talent pools.

“During our search for a new location, Reno was the most supportive and genuinely generous community we encountered,” said Katie Lay, vice president of sales and business development for CAEK, Inc. “We intentionally chose a location in the heart of downtown so we can be at the center of the community.”

Lay founded the company along with CEO Anna Green, COO Catherine Ganahl and VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning Elizabeth Green.

CAEK, Inc., will establish its Reno office at 100 N. Arlington Ave., and the company expects its staff to grow to more than 150 employees as it adds software engineers, security analysts and sales professionals.

The company is relocating its headquarters from Fayetteville, Ark. Lay said that the CAEK, Inc., founders plan to tap the strong capital markets on the West Coast to support the company’s growth. The company was also attracted to Reno by the availability of talented employees in the region and believes that they will be drawn to the quality of life in Northern Nevada. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Melissa Molyneaux of Colliers International, Vince Griffith and Britton Griffith-Douglas of Reno Engineering, and Bill Thomas with The City of Reno also assisted with the relocation.

Mike Kazmierski, the president and chief executive officer of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, said the decision by CAEK, Inc., marks an important step toward further strengthening and diversifying the region’s economy.

“Smart software companies such as CAEK Inc. provide exciting opportunities for highly skilled professionals in an important and growing sector of the global economy,” Kazmierski said. “When these jobs are created by a community-minded company such as CAEK, Inc., the benefits are multiplied many times over.”

Lay said that in addition to accessing a talented and strong employee pool, the company’s founders also want to become examples for young women in Northern Nevada who dream of starting their own technology businesses in a male-dominated industry.

“Women want to fix things and technology is often the best way to do it,” she said. “CAEK, Inc. is helping to fix a huge problem – we are transforming how the health care industry protects all of our personal data. We want women in the surrounding community to realize that they can, and should, use technology to solve problems that affect all of us.”

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve said the new company’s commitment to mentoring young women speaks highly of the values of both CAEK and its founders.

“We want to ensure that girls in Northern Nevada fully develop their talents – particularly in science, technology, math and engineering,” Schieve said. “When students see female-founded CAEK, Inc., a real-life success story in downtown Reno, they will receive powerful motivation to pursue their own dreams.”

CAEK Inc., through its flagship product, LayerCompliance™, provides an affordable, cloud-based HIPAA compliance solution that seamlessly layers compliance into everyday business processes. This comprehensive HIPAA compliance software helps independent offices and groups of physicians, and dentists, meet the complex federal requirements for the protection of patient information.

About CAEK
CAEK, Inc. is a Reno, NV. based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company providing HIPAA compliance and risk management software for the healthcare industry through its flagship product, LayerCompliance™. LayerCompliance provides a cost effective solution for healthcare providers, other covered entities, and business associates, to meet the compliance requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule.

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Norma Yamaji
EDAWN, Associate Business Development, 775-829-3768