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The team made 11 visits in August and seven of those companies are growing. 

Two are new companies to the area. We referred two companies to internship programs and made eight connections between business and education.

EDAWN continues to remind companies about the benefits of hiring interns at the K-12 level, Community College and the University levels.

 Internships matter for students because they provide opportunities to combine academic achievement with practical work experience. Some things are best taught through experience.  For an employer, here are 5 reasons you may not have considered via Forbes YEC Women article, for  hiring interns: “1) Interns bring a new perspective on organizational issues 2) Ease of use with technology 3) Trial period that could lead to something more 4) Help with projects or tasks you are struggling to complete 5) Gain brand advocates.”

Do you have open jobs that you are trying to fill?

Just a reminder to post those jobs with Nevada JobConnect, the statewide network that connects business with employees. Contact your localJobConnect office now!

Are you a primary company that has never been visited by EDAWN, or hasn’t been visited in the last year?

If so, please reach out to Cynthia Egan or call 775.829.3712 to schedule an appointment soon.

Biggest Little Employment Tip: 

For a comprehensive list of workforce resources in the area check out the EDAWN Employer Workforce Resource Guide.

Partner Updates

Develop your company’s capacity for immediate impact on productivity.

Send your employees to WNC accelerated two one-week sessions training for Industry 4.0 through Siemens Mechatronics certification for the Level 1 credential. While certification is through Siemens, this is a vendor-neutral systems-based training program. Reserve your spot today.

The JOINT FORCE Meets Workforce event will be held on Tuesday, September 19th. 

Interview and hire skilled, ready-to-work, Air Force and Army veterans and family members for your open positions.

Major Investor of the Week

Intuit, Inc. – Providers of accounting software, payroll services, and payment processing.