Welcome Entrepreneurs

To Reno Nevada

Northern Nevada is one of the fastest growing regions in the country with a booming culture of creativity and innovation. And we’ve never lost touch with our unapologetically gritty pioneering spirit. Whether you are local or planning on relocating here, work with the Entrepreneurial Development team at EDAWN to secure your place in our sought-after community.

Meet the Entrepreneurial Development Team

The Entrepreneurial Development Team at EDAWN helps local startups find the resources they need to start, run and grow a business. They also assist in relocation of existing startups to the greater Reno-Sparks community. There are plenty of new opportunities to be had. Get started today by reaching out to the ED Team to turn your dreams into a reality.

Inline image showing Doug Erwin Senior Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development

Doug Erwin

Senior Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development at EDAWN

“Before joining EDAWN, I co-founded six companies in different industries including eCommerce, software development, medical diagnostics, and consumer products manufacturing. I’ve experienced first-hand the highs and lows of building companies, managing investors and partners, and the challenges associated with balancing family, self, and career.” – Doug

Inline image showing Juston Berg, Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development at EDAWN

Juston Berg

Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development at EDAWN

“My primary focus at EDAWN is to lead the entrepreneurial development efforts put forth by our team and community partners. I bring 10+ years of experience in tech and software including blockchain development to the table. As the Co-founder of the local startup accelerator, I am well immersed in the startup scene and enjoy working with startup companies.” – Juston

Candi Block

Program Manager of Entrepreneurial Development at EDAWN

“As a Program Manager, I empower innovators and dreamers to pave their paths. I aim to create a thriving startup ecosystem where anyone with an idea can pursue it and find success. My role includes planning monthly, quarterly, and annual events that bring together founders, investors, and ecosystem supporters to foster a collaborative environment and contribute to our vibrant economy.” – Candi

Inline image showing Miguel Solano Expansion and Relocation Specialist at EDAWN

Miguel Solano

Expansion and Relocation Specialist at EDAWN

“I help startup companies expand and/or relocate from other states to Nevada. Specifically, my job is to help them access all of the benefits and incentives our region offers – which are several. I also help new entrepreneurs get plugged into the startup ecosystem and connect them with people and investors that can help them grow their new businesses.” – Miguel

Benefits of Having a Startup in Reno

A growing talent pool, low taxes and regulations, open space for growth – what more could you want? Find your freedom in Reno, Nevada.

Prospectors at Our Core

Gold and silver are our legacy...

Gold and silver are our legacy. We mine things on the blockchain now, but we still have dirt under our nails. We’re a different kind of community. We do business differently. We remain grounded in our heritage while flooring it towards the horizon that calls us to tomorrow.

Dream Big.

Workforce Ready

Our workforce is comprised of a hungry bunch of rabble rousers...

Our workforce is comprised of a hungry bunch of rabble rousers who’re locked and loaded for the most innovative of industries. Thanks to our low cost of living and tireless support from the business community at large, we’ve created a student-friendly environment for decades to come.

Grow Your Team.

Growing Talent

Our Tier I University of Nevada, Reno ranks among the top 5 fastest growing universities...

With a sharp focus towards computer science, mechanical and biomedical engineering, and other emerging fields (AI, Blockchain, etc.), the University of Nevada, Reno ranks in the top 5 fastest growing universities, with the engineering department itself doubling in size in the last 3 years.

Learn More.

Great Life, Create Career – Make It Happen Here

We're a community ripe with opportunities for passionate people and skilled workers...

Because many businesses in emerging industries are moving to Northern Nevada, we’re a community ripe with opportunities for passionate and skilled workers. Whether you prefer working with your brains, your brawn, or both, we’d love to have you call Nevada home.

Find Balance.

Business at the Speed of Life

Our laws are relaxed, and our open land is plentiful...

Our laws are relaxed, and our open land is plentiful. We find safety in our freedom, not so much in regulation. We’re open for participation, but not for abuse. What we have here can easily be spoiled. We build our fences wisely while looking out for our neighbors.

Grow Faster.

People-Friendly Government

Our government is as approachable as our populace...

Our government is as approachable as our populace. We can be in a lunch meeting with a county manager and, on a moment’s notice, bring in a state Senator before capping it off by getting the governor on speakerphone. All before our food settles. (Yes, this actually happens here.)

Get Your Meeting.

Build Outside the Box

When we give each other room to move and grow, we work better together...

We’re all about easy access and freedom of movement. When we give each other room to move and grow, we work better together. With no real existing pecking order and a collaborative spirit, tech-focused startups don’t get lost in the crowd – they help shape our community.

Start Building.

Meet the Neighbors

Trust us, you'll be in good company...

Top tech companies like Tesla, Microsoft, Switch and Apple have chosen Northern Nevada as their home, and for good reason. Trust us, you’ll be in good company.

See Who’s Hiring.

Strengthening Our Startups

Each year we make the lists for #1 Startup Activity or #1 Best Place to Live...

Each year we make the lists for #1 Startup Activity or #1 Best Place to Live. See what the fuss is about.

Try Your Hand.

Keep More of What you Make

Nevada has no state income tax...

Nevada has no state income tax. Our tax structure is simple. Penalizing success makes zero sense out here. And with lower operational costs than other states in the West, Nevada stands firm to its pro-business tax systems and policies.

Start Saving.

Location is Everything

A small town feel with big city benefits...

A small-town feel with big-city benefits. From Reno, you can be at UC Davis in two hours, San Francisco in four and Napa in three. We’re within arm’s reach of all that northern California has to offer, without the hefty price tag and grinding traffic. Moving a business here isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem.

Pack Your Bags.

Don’t take our word for it…

I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life and I was ready to move. Creating a startup company is stressful no matter what, so I wanted to live somewhere more relaxed. I’ve found that in Reno. I also like living in a city while being surrounded by mountains. And since my parents live in Oakland, California, I wanted to live within driving distance.

Perry Rosenstein, Co-Founder of Icebreaker

Reno went from being a wild experiment to a true strategic advantage for Bombora. Our growth would not have been as pronounced if we had followed the herd of our industry by launching in traditional markets, such as Seattle or Austin.

Rob Armstrong, SVP Product and Co-Founder of Bombora

Doug Erwin at EDAWN was super friendly and extremely helpful and gave me the resources I needed. Ever since moving here, we’ve had nothing but open arms and that’s exactly the kind of business community I want to be involved in. It’s been a refreshing experience.

Elizabeth Redmond, CEO and co-founder of CoWorkr

When I was interviewing in other places, I didn’t like the thought of a 45-minute commute. Or, a two to three-hour drive just to get to a snowboarding spot. Here, I can drive across all of Reno and Sparks in 25 minutes. I can basically get anywhere in 30 minutes. I love Reno because it offers so many types of activities. There’s plenty of outdoor stuff in the summer—hanging out at lakes, boating, camping… In the winter, I get a season pass and go snowboarding every other weekend.

Alex Hartman, Valley Tech Systems

We founded our company here because of the extraordinary people. It has got to be of the best places in America to live.

Bill Wilson, Alchemy

Reno is the perfect amalgam of low taxes and a reasonable cost of living, not to mention the fact that it’s a metropolitan area with a burgeoning entrepreneurial community and a large university in which to recruit talent.

Jeff Rizzo, Founder of RIZKNOWS